Marketing Your Boaters' Choice Award

Make the most out of your hard work recognized

Hello there and congratulations on your Boaters' Choice! We sincerely appreciate all that you have done this year to make the boating community feel at home at your marina. We’ve announced your win to our and Dockwa audience, and now it’s your turn to make sure your boaters, past, present and future, know just how wonderful a place your marina is to dock. Below are some tactics and tips and on how to promote your Boaters' Choice:

Share your win on social media

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you use, it is important to share your Boaters' Choice honor on any and all social media platforms. Encourage your marina staff to share the win as well, to maximize visibility. There are post suggestions for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in your Boaters' Choice marketing kit, but you should feel free to bring the spirit of your marina to life in your own way in these posts! Just remember to keep them simple and to the point. If you have one, include a link in the post to your reservations webpage to capture boaters as they read about your win.

Associate the Boaters' Choice badge with your company name and logo

In your Boaters' Choice marketing kit, you’ll find a .PNG Boaters' Choice image with a transparent background. Add this image to your logo, or any of your other important marina imagery, so users know quickly of your achievement when they see your brand. Check out an example of a Boaters' Choice award added to a marina logo below!

You may also consider including “A 2020 Boaters' Choice” when you mention your marina in marketing materials, whether that be on your website, in email communication, or in print materials.

Add the Boaters' Choice badge to your website

You’ll also find in your marketing kit an HTML snippet to add the Boaters' Choice badge to your website. Place this code in a prominent location on your site (we suggest on the homepage or in your site header) so boaters immediately recognize your marina as a top destination to consider.

Write and share a press release with local news publications

To get the attention of reporters in your community, write a press release announcing your win and describing what that means for you and your marina. New to writing press releases? CBS news offers great tips for putting together a well-written press release, to maximize your chances of news outlets getting in touch. Don’t forget to include the press release on your own website!

Add the Boaters' Choice badge to your email signature

If you use a company email signature when you’re emailing from work, consider adding the Boaters' Choice badge to it. You’ll gain marina recognition in every digital communication, no matter with whom you’re speaking. Not enough room to add the badge to your signature? Take a tip from tactic #1 and add “A 2019 Boaters' Choice” to your marina’s name in your signature.

Place your Boaters' Choice award prominently at your marina

Once you receive your Boaters' Choice award [Click here to claim!], be sure to keep it in view of those who come to visit your marina. If there is foot traffic outside your marina, consider placing it in your window. And if that doesn’t suit your marina, try placing it in the front office where walk-ins will be sure to see it.

Let your boaters know!

You were named a Boaters' Choice because your boaters recognized the amazing work you and your staff do to create a delightful place to dock. Don’t be shy in letting them know their feedback paid off! Announce your win over your email distribution list, add it to your company newsletter, or mention it in your marina’s voicemail.