The 2017 Boaters' Choice Awards

Honoring the best of where bow meets berth




The 2017 Boaters' Choice Awards

Honoring the best of where bow meets berth




We at know the heart and soul of the boating community is unlike any other, and we're grateful to witness it first-hand every day as boaters commend their favorite marinas by way of reviews. That’s why we are excited to announce the 2017 Boaters' Choice Awards, an honor which acknowledge marinas that have gone above and beyond to provide a home for members of the boating community; these are marinas that boaters proactively endorse year-round. 

The 2017 Boaters' Choice recipients list will be announced on Wednesday, December 6, so be sure to return to this page for updates.

Boaters' Choice FAQs

What types of businesses can be named a Boaters' Choice?

Every marina, yacht club, and service yard listed on was considered for the 2017 Boaters' Choice Awards. The 2017 Boaters' Choice winners met a given set of criteria which demonstrated exemplary service to the boating public.

To find your marina's profile, click here and enter the business name in the search box. If you have trouble finding your business, or your business is not listed and you believe it should be, please contact us.  

What criteria determined the 2017 Boaters' Choice Award winners? 

The marinas, yacht clubs and shipyards that earned the designation of 2017 Boaters' Choice must have met the following criteria by 12:00 midnight on December 4, 2017: 

  • The marina's profile has 3 or more reviews
  • The reviews on the marina's profile average to a 4-star rating or higher


What if I meet the criteria but missed the cutoff date?

Keep up the good work! Maintaining a 4-star rating throughout this year and next will put you in good shape for the 2018 Boaters' Choice Awards. 

How can I improve my likelihood of being named Boaters' Choice in the future?

To improve your rating, visit our Marina Blog for tips on how on how to create the best possible boater experience, both at your marina and online, and remember to ask your guests year-round for reviews. 

What does my marina get if named a 2017 Boaters' Choice winner?

As a Boaters' Choice winner, you are one of the top 2% highest-rated marinas in the United States. We’ll help you promote your win by featuring your marina on our Boaters' Choice page, and promoting it through our social media channels.

To help you promote your win yourself, we will provide you with:

  • A Boaters' Choice “badge” to place on your website
  • A printed Boaters' Choice certificate to display at your marina
  • Pre-written posts to share your win on your marina's social media channels
  • A pre-written email to share with your boaters, contacts, and local press

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