Marketing Your Boaters’ Choice Award

Make the most out of your hard work recognized




Congratulations on your Boaters’ Choice Award!

We sincerely appreciate all that you and your team have done this year to make the boating community feel at home at your marina. We’ve announced your win to our and Dockwa audiences, and now it’s your turn to make sure your boaters – past, present and future – know just how wonderful a place your marina is to dock. Below are some tactics and tips and on how to promote your Boaters’ Choice Award.

1) Share Your Win: Social Media

Whether your marina has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or all of the above, it is important that you and your staff share your Boaters’ Choice Award to all of your social media channels. 

  • We've provided a Facebook post, Instagram post, and Tweet below, as well as in the marketing kit in your Boaters' Choice notification email. Be sure to share these posts and tag so we can like and share your posts!
  • Like and share the Boaters' Choice posts that and Dockwa have shared on their social channels: Facebook, Instagram, TwitterDockwa Facebook, Dockwa InstagramDockwa Twitter.
  • Write and share original content! Remember to keep your posts simple and "scannable." If you have one, include a link in the post to your reservations webpage to capture boaters as they read about your win. 

Social Posts to Promote Your Boater's Choice Win

Facebook[Your Marina Name Here] is a 2017 Boaters' Choice Marina! Check out our page on to see what other boaters have to say about us. [Include link to your profile]

TwitterWe’re a 2017 Boaters' Choice Marina! Check out our page on @marinasdotcom to see what other boaters have to say about us. [Include link to your profile] #BoatersChoice2017

Instagram[Your Marina Name Here] is a 2017 Boaters' Choice Marina! Click the link in our bio to see why boaters consider us the best of the best. #BoatersChoice2017 [Use Boaters' Choice image at this link]


2) Associate the Boaters’ Choice badge with your marina name and logo.

Click here, and you’ll find a Boaters’ Choice image with a transparent background. Add this image to your logo, or any of your other important marina imagery, so that boaters are immediately aware of your achievement wherever they see your brand. You can also use this image to print stickers, wall clings, banners, or any other type of print materials you desire! You may also consider including “a 2017 Boaters’ Choice Marina” when you mention your marina in marketing materials, whether that be on your website, in email communication, or in print materials.

Check out an example of a Boaters’ Choice Award badge and tagline added to a marina logo below, and click here to download your Boaters' Choice badge. 




3) Add the Boaters’ Choice badge to your website.

In your winner's marketing kit, you'll also find an HTML snippet, which allows you to add the Boaters’ Choice badge to your website. Place snippet in your site's code, in a prominent location (on the homepage or in your site header) so boaters immediately recognize your marina as a top destination.



4) Notify your local publications 

To get the attention of reporters in your community, write and share a press release announcing your win and describing what significance it has for you and your marina. New to writing press releases? CBS news offers great tips for putting together a well-written press release, to maximize your chances of news outlets getting in touch. Don’t forget to include the press release on your own website!

5) Add the Boaters’ Choice badge to your email signature

Every email you send should include a company email signature when you’re emailing from work; simply add the Boaters’ Choice badge to it. You’ll gain marina recognition in every digital communication, no matter with whom you’re speaking. Not enough room to add the badge? Take a tip from tactic #2 and add “A 2017 Boaters’ Choice Marina” after your marina’s name in your signature.

6) Display your Boaters’ Choice certificate prominently at your marina.

Once you receive your Boaters’ Choice certificate in the mail, be sure to display it in plain view for marina guests, be it in a window where there is lots of foot traffic or on a front office desk where walk-ins will be sure to see it. If you haven't yet received your printed certificate, or would like a digital version of your certificate, email [email protected] and we'll be sure to send you all the Boaters' Choice certificate assets you need.  

If you're looking for a simple and affordable option for framing your certificate, try using a company like Framebridge. They offer custom framing jobs starting at just $39, and will complete a mail-in job in just 7-10 business days. Just in time for the holidays!

7) Let your boaters know!

Your business is a 2017 Boaters’ Choice Marina because your boaters recognized the amazing work you and your staff do to create a delightful place to dock. Don’t be shy in letting them know their feedback paid off! Announce your win over your email distribution list, add it to your company newsletter, and mention it in your marina office's voicemail. If you're experiencing writer's block, below is a pre-written email for you to share with your boaters. 


Example Email to Boaters to Promote Your Boater's Choice Win

Subject: [Marina Name Here] is a 2017 Boaters' Choice Marina!

We are excited to share that [Marina Name Here] was named a 2017 Boaters' Choice marina by, based on the ratings and reviews of boaters like you! Thanks to your patronage and positive feedback, we are among the top 2% highest-rated marinas in the United States. See other boaters are saying about [Marina Name Here] on our profile page. And for the full list of Boaters Choice marinas, head on over to the Boaters' Choice winners page on

Thank you again for your support throughout 2017. We can’t wait to see what 2018 has to bring!

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