About Marinas.com

Marinas.com was acquired by The Wanderlust Group (the team behind Dockwa) in January 2017. Our aim is to make Marinas.com the most useful destination for boaters to research marinas & waterways on the web!

Why Marinas.com & Dockwa

According to Google, more than 74% of travelers research, plan, and book trips online. Dockwa’s marina and boater communities each continue to experience solid year over year growth, growing at an unprecedented rate relative to our counterparts in other realms of the hospitality and travel industries. Call us crazy, but we here at TWG think that this trend will continue. So we're staying our course while employing tactics to develop more online and mobile technology for the boating world. Why pursue an acquisition? In short, because the boating industry has spoken. Enter: Marinas.com.

Many of you already rely on Marinas.com to plan your time on the water, but for those who may be unfamiliar: Marinas.com is the world’s #1 searchable marina directory, providing boaters with comprehensive intel on more than 75,000 marinas, anchorages and marine locations. Marinas.com was a first for the world of boating: when the site went live back in 1995, it represented one of the marine industry's earliest forays into the digital age.

What does this mean for boaters?

Most of you reading this are avid supporters of both Dockwa and Marinas.com. We want to reassure you that for the foreseeable future, both sites will continue functioning as they have been. Marinas.com will remain the excellent boating resource it has been for the past two decades, and Dockwa will continue to focus on creating innovative tools to connect boaters with marinas in real time. We'll communicate any future substantial changes with plenty of advance notice.

We're charting a course to integrate the sites in a way that will make it easier to research and reserve dock space. We'll also widen our selection of marina partners, so that booking is a breeze no matter where you're tying up.

What does this mean for Marinas.com?

As Bruce and Pam, the team behind Marinas.com, pass the helm on to us, we'll continue their commitment to excellent customer service and carry on their spirit of innovation. At the risk of being overly-sincere, there's another reason this development is significant for Dockwa. To us, this demonstrates something beyond a negotiation or a passing of the torch. In the two years since entering the marine industry – an industry sometimes characterized by its unwillingness to change – boaters and marinas have supported Dockwa's mission to such an extent that we can confidently pursue an expansion of this degree without hesitation. Thank you for your overwhelming support! Every reservation, every feedback email, and every boater you share Dockwa with helps us grow and improve.

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